What Are The Laws Pertaining to Trees in North Carolina?

In North Carolina, permits for tree removal are given to homeowners only in cases where the tree is dying. Sometimes trees can become dangerous for your or your neighbor’s property, and in such a scenario, you can apply for a permit to remove the tree. In other words, only in exigent circumstances can you get a license to remove or cut a tree on your property for many years. Given the present environmental conditions, the Government does its best to protect the trees, and one of the ways to do so is by limiting the number of trees you can cut in a year and an area. Here is all you must know about the three laws in North Carolina.

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Can I cut trees on my property in NC?

The simple answer to this question is yes, you can cut the trees on your property. However, you must first acquire a permit to cut a tree within your property. The permit is necessary to ensure you meet the requirements to cut a tree. In North Carolina, a permit to cut a tree is given only when you meet the following criteria:

  • You can cut a tree on your property if it is dead or dying. A tree which is declared to be dangerous by a licensed arborist can be removed. You must apply for a permit with the report of the arborist.
  • If you want to remove a tree from your property, you must ensure that the tree’s diameter is not more than 6 inches and that the tree’s height is not more than 4.5 feet. In other words, it cannot come under the list of restricted trees based on size and dimensions.
  • You cannot cut down certain trees in North Carolina as the Government protects these. If the one on your property belongs to the protected species of trees, you can bring it down only if it is diseased or dead.

Cutting down a tree in North Carolina is quite complex, and ensuring that you stay within the law might seem difficult; hence, hiring expert tree removal near Cary, NC, is best. This will ensure that you remove the trees according to the existing laws and that you do not receive a letter from the authorities or are made to pay a fine because you removed a tree without acquiring the necessary permit.

Are there any guidelines to be followed about the maintenance of the trees on my property?

If you have a tree on your property, taking care of and maintaining it is your responsibility. For instance, you must allow the tree to grow to its natural height. You cannot cut down or damage the tree so it does not gain its natural size. This means the topping of a tree is not allowed in North Carolina. Topping prevents the tree from attaining its natural height and can result in the tree dying or becoming diseased. There are undoubtedly other factors that you must remember when it comes to maintaining the trees on your property, and some of these are as follows:

  • Maintenance of the trees:If you have trees in your backyard or your garden, you must ensure that you supply water, resources, and fertilizers for the health of the trees. Sometimes homeowners make the mistake of thinking trees can derive all the nutrition they require from the soil. However, contrary to popular opinion, you must regularly evaluate your trees’ health. Seeing that a tree in your garden or backyard is shedding leaves when it is not Fall or the branches are becoming dry indicates that the tree is becoming unhealthy. It might also indicate an underlying disease that can infect the entire tree if left unchecked. In such a scenario, you must consult experts and get your tree evaluated. When you hire experts associated with tree removal near Raleigh, NC, they will thoroughly analyze the problem with the tree and ensure that the infestation is dealt with and your tree grows strong.
  • You cannot remove certain species of trees from your property: One of the essential features of the tree law of North Carolina is that you cannot cut certain species of trees as the Government protects these trees. If you have a Native Dogwood or a Redbud tree on your property, you cannot cut it unless it becomes dangerous. You must acquire special permission to cut the tree down in such a scenario.Without the help of a licensed arborist you cannot remove such a tree from your property.
  • Care must be taken while using chemicals to remove trees: If there is a damaged or diseased tree on your property and you are planning to use a chemical to make it easier to remove the tree, then ensure that the chemical does not run deep into the earth. The primary reason is that the chemical should not infect the other trees on your property. Similarly, it should not affect the trees on your neighbouring properties. According to experts, you should avoid using chemicals to remove stumps or dead and dying trees in most cases. Instead, you should hire a tree removal company that will use specialized equipment to remove the branches, trunk, and stump of the tree, causing minimum damage to the surrounding.

Thus, as a property owner, you are responsible for the health and care of the trees in your garden or backyard. You must ensure that they remain healthy, and it is also a good idea to give these trees a regular supply of fertilizers to keep them healthy. You can also hire a reputed arborist who will provide you with a thorough analysis of the health of the trees on your property, even if these do not show any apparent signs of illness.  

Are there any guidelines to follow when trimming the trees in North Carolina?

Just as you can only cut a tree with the necessary permit, you must follow specific rules when trimming a tree. Trimming the branches of a tree can become essential, especially if it begins to get entangled with electrical wires. It is not only dangerous for your house but can prove to be hazardous for your neighborhood. Consider a scenario where there is a storm in the area and a branch from your tree tears down the electrical wire. It will not only cut the electrical supply in the region but can also lead to dangerous fires. To prevent such incidents, you must prune the trees on your property and ensure that no branches are close to the electrical supply lines. Along with that, check with your neighbours if your tree is encroaching the property line, then, while pruning, whether you can also prune the branches on his property. This will ensure no issues with the pruning of the tree.

You will need a permit to prune the trees in North Carolina. The primary reason is that you must ensure that the tree’s health is not compromised when you are pruning the tree. Similarly, you cannot place wires or netting on a tree to prevent it from growing normally. Hence, even if you plan to prune the trees in your garden or backyard, you must hire experts so that the entire pruning of the trees is done as per the guidelines.

What are the benefits of hiring experts to remove or prune a tree in North Carolina?

One of the primary reasons you must hire a company that offers tree removal near Durham, NC, is that the firm will acquire the necessary permits before starting the removal process. Tree removal laws have been implemented in North Carolina to improve the quality of a community and property valuation. If you want to remove a tree from your property, you must have a good reason for doing it.

For example, if you remove a healthy tree for landscaping reasons, you might find it challenging to get the necessary permit. Moreover, if you remove a tree from your property, you must plant another one as a replacement. This is applicable even when you remove a dead or diseased tree. When you hire experts, you will find that the firm will provide complete support for removing and replanting trees. Some of the other benefits of hiring experts for eliminating trees are as follows:

  • Evaluating the purpose for cutting the tree: When hiring experts, they will first assess the tree’s condition and check if removing the entire tree is essential. For instance, the experts will check if pruning is sufficient to manage the problem. If pruning is enough, you will not have to pay to remove the tree. However, suppose the arborist associated with the company finds the tree dangerous for the property, and it is best to remove it. In that case, the company will first apply for the necessary permit. Once the permit comes, the experts associated with the firm will begin cutting the tree. Thus, evaluating the tree’s condition is essential to ensure that complete tree removal is necessary for the property’s and its surroundings’ safety.
  • Expert removal of the tree and the stumps: Sometimes homeowners prefer to grind a tree down to a stump. You must hire experts to do it, as you need specialized equipment to remove the branches, cut the trunk, and grind the tree down to a stump. Similarly, if you want to remove the stump, you need specialized equipment to remove the tree remnants without disturbing the earth. If you try to remove a dead tree or a stump as a DIY project, you will find that it can damage the soil of your garden or backyard. If you are unaware of which branch to cut first and cut an overlying branch, which goes halfway onto your house, it can damage your home. When you hire experts, they will know exactly which branches should be removed first so that no damage is done to your house and the tree is removed safely.

Thus, hiring experts is vital to remove or prune trees on your property. You must ensure that you carry out both pruning and removal of trees as per the rules and regulations of the state. The primary reason for hiring experts is to ensure that the entire process is hassle-free and that you do not face any problems in the future.

Is it essential to remove the tree stumps from your property?

The simple answer to this question is yes, stump grinding is essential for the safety of your property and your family members. If you have moved into a property with the stump of a tree that has been removed, then you must hire experts to grind the stump or remove it altogether. Stumps can prove to be dangerous for your family, especially if you have children or older people in your family. Your children can trip over the tree’s stump, leading to grave injuries.

Similarly, the stumps of trees are the nesting grounds for pests and insects. Several species of ants often make their homes around tree stumps. Several wood-boring insects like termites also make their homes in the stumps of trees. Moreover, if the tree has died due to a disease, you should also remove the stump to prevent the spread of the disease. The other trees and plants in your garden or backyard can get infected with the same condition. Thus, for the safety of your property and your family, you must hire experts to remove the tree stumps from your property.

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How to Obtain a Tree Removal Permit in North Carolina?

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