Stump Grinding

Make Us Your Go-To Stump Grinding Company in Cary & Durham, NC

We'll remove left-behind eyesores from your yard

No one wants a dead stump to be the first thing visitors notice about your yard. If you need stump grinding services in or around Cary & Durham, NC, reach out to Cary Tree Removal. We have the necessary equipment to grind your stump below ground level. By the time we leave, your yard will look more presentable and the stump will be gone.

Turn to our stump grinding company for fast and efficient service. You can reach us at 919-771-8021.

3 reasons to get stump grinding services ASAP

When your tree is cut down, you may not see a need to hire a stump grinding company immediately. But stumps can cause a wide variety of problems around your property. For example, stumps can:

  1. Reduce your property's curb appeal and value
  2. Provide breeding grounds fo pests like beetles, termites and ants
  3. Pose a tripping hazard
Get your stump removed before it starts to cause problems. Contact us today to schedule stump grinding services.

If you need a tree removed, our crew can tackle both projects on the same day.

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  1. We can work near utilities and wires
  2. We can go 4 inches below ground level for sod
  3. We can go 6 inches to 8 inches when they plan on do concrete drive or patio